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Health Insurance

We provide quality healthcare and medical solutions, and ensure proper emergency coverage with reasonable affordability. Our health insurance plans protect you and your family against injuries and diseases, the costs of which are difficult to bear for an individual. Our plans can also be subscribed with select non-cash instruments.

Custom Benefits Solutions Inc. offers various health and travel medical coverage plans. You can request free quotations on our website, and you can also compare similar products offered by other insurance companies. We have a support team ready to address your queries and concerns in choosing a suitable plan

Making a decision about selecting an insurance company to purchase a travel medical insurance plan is hindered by various factors such as cost concerns, policy conditions, coverage scope, etc. For this reason, we encourage our clients to engage and interact with our customer support, experts and insurance agents to understand and explore their desired plans, get alternate recommendations, and to get friendly suggestions that may assist you in choosing a suitable program.

Custom Benefit Solutions is at your services 24 hours for 365 days. We have our offices in different provinces of Canada. If you can't get in touch through our local number, give us a call on Toll Free number and our representative will guide you to provide the best possible Insurance at lowest possible premiums. Thank you for visiting Custom Benefit Solutions website and searching our contact address. Nobody likes to think about Life Insurance yet its one of the most important thing you should get in your life. Life Insurance will provide a lump sum payment equal to the policy limit upon the death of the person whose life is insured. Payment of the life insurance proceeds is made to the policy beneficiary. The beneficiary of the life insurance policy may be the spouse, children, employer or estate of the insured person, or some other designated person or organization.