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Whole Life Insurance in Canada

Whole life Insurance is designed to give you peace of mind by ensuring that in case anything happens to you, your loved ones social stability will be secured. The policy features

  • Guaranteed level premiums – premiums stay fixed.
  • Protection for life – the policy neither expires nor devalues.
  • Death benefits – beneficiaries get amount of the policy on event of your death, provided the payments are made in line with the policy.
  • Cash value – the portion paid in premium generates cash value that can be withdrawn any time when needed.
  • The policy once issued cannot be revoked or cancelled at any point until there is an outstanding premium or fraud.

It’s important to choose a policy that better suits your need. Here’s a summary of points to consider before buying the policy,

  • Be sure of the coverage you need and affordability of the policy since this policy is generally much expensive and if you revoke it in early years you lose big chunk of your contribution..
  • Choose between participating and non-participating policy. Participating policy are comparatively much high in price but includes investment component that translates into cash value.
  • Determine if your policy contains quick-pay option. Short period policies have generally higher rate of premium.
  • Determine the incentives you want to enhance your policy value but be careful of the cost.
  • Reach out an independent broker to guide you better about your policy needs.

Custom Benefit Solutions is at your services 24 hours for 365 days. We have our offices in different provinces of Canada. If you can't get in touch through our local number, give us a call on Toll Free number and our representative will guide you to provide the best possible Insurance at lowest possible premiums. Thank you for visiting Custom Benefit Solutions website and searching our contact address. Nobody likes to think about Life Insurance yet its one of the most important thing you should get in your life. Life Insurance will provide a lump sum payment equal to the policy limit upon the death of the person whose life is insured. Payment of the life insurance proceeds is made to the policy beneficiary. The beneficiary of the life insurance policy may be the spouse, children, employer or estate of the insured person, or some other designated person or organization.